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rice-Africa is the premier gathering place for all experts and stakeholders engaged or interested in rice production, processing, marketing and development on the Africa continent. Everyone concerned with rice industry in Africa is welcome to share and learn. We encourage practitioners and academics engaged in the industry to apply by submitting proposals
You are invited to submit Abstracts for any of the following:
  • To give a presentation in a themed session during the conference
  • To give a demonstration/best practices showcase of a specific tool, application or service

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We will be in contact within one week to let you know if your proposal has been accepted.

Selection Process
The content selection process is overseen by the conference organizing committee and guided by the feedback we receive from the conference Advisory Committees and associated organizations. Selection is made on the basis of the proposal’s relevance to the conference themes, the experience, and knowledge of the applicants, the practicalities of including the proposal within the conference format and a combination of the proposal’s innovations and practical value to conference participants.
Full details of the thematic areas to be addressed during the conference is shown on the Conference theme
1. Research in Extension, Rice varieties, Soil Management and Post-Harvest

2. Production Skills and Technologies of Homegrown rice

3. Consumer Preference and Nutritive value of Homegrown rice

4. Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance of Homegrown rice

5. Health and Value Addition in the competitive value chain of Homegrown rice

6. Changing Rice Consumption pattern amongst Africans and the new narratives

7. Women Production and Processing Capabilities of Homegrown rice

8. Locally fabricated rice equipment and integrated rice milling machine

9. Grading and Certification of Paddy and locally Milled rice10.

10. Product Labelling and Packaging of Homegrown rice

11. International Markets and Trade laws

12.The place of MEDIA: Newspapers, Radio, TV, ICT in Enlightenment campaigns for the consumption of Homegrown rice

Approach and activities
The conference will bring together a large number of development and research practitioners from Africa, India, Japan, and China to discuss the above-identified issues. It is proposed that the conference will be developed through a plenary session at which commissioned speakers from the region will share their experiences and discuss how such lessons could be usefully applied in other regions and systems. Subsequently, it is proposed that the meeting will develop itself through several parallel satellite workshops that deal with the specificity of the requirements and needs for rice value chains development in Africa.
  • Conference registration
    Conference Fee: $100 + 10% VAT
  • Nigeria Participants = N15,000

*The fees include conference materials, coffee breaks. Group rates are available upon request. The above-mentioned fees do not include accommodation, travel costs or the Book of Abstracts.

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